Bizzarro: Pa. Fish and Boat Commission grants total nearly $650,000 to benefit Lake Erie, Presque Isle Bay

ERIE, April 12 – State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro said he is happy to hear news that the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission announced nearly $650,000 in investments in projects that will benefit Presque Isle Bay and Lake Erie.

Erie Access Improvement Program Grants impacting the third legislative district include the following:

  • $205,000 -- Regional Science Consortium, Lake Erie Buoy Project, Lake Erie, Erie County
  • $95,600 -- Fairview Township, Avonia Beach Park Improvements

“Lake Erie is a booming natural resource. It brings economic activity to the region and I’m thrilled to see that fees collected here are staying here to help us protect that resource and preserve efforts to give anglers the best quality access to fishing opportunities,” Bizzarro said.

Grants will fund the Regional Science Consortium’s Lake Erie buoy project to collect real-time information on wind, water and wave conditions and help collect data for aquatic health and water preservation efforts; and Fairview Township Avonia Beach Improvements.

Other projects in Erie County include: the Erie-Western PA Port Authority received funding totaling $352,000 for Holland Street Pier fishing access and the Lampe Marina Fish Cleaning refrigeration unit.

Funds are generated via special permitting fees and reinvested into the region through the Erie Access Improvement Program, made possible by Act 159 of 2004, which created a new Lake Erie stamp required for anglers fishing in the Lake Erie watershed.