House Democratic Leaders call on Republicans to honor promise to survivors of childhood sexual abuse

HARRISBURG, March 19 – With time running out to provide a chance at justice for survivors of childhood sexual abuse through an emergency constitutional amendment, the House Democratic leadership team released the following statement calling on Republican leadership to commit to bringing the measure up for a vote on Monday:

“In early February, Republican leadership made a public promise on the House floor to get an emergency constitutional amendment to the Senate and provide a chance at justice to the survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Due to their wavering and inaction this week, we’re now dangerously close to running out of time to get this in front of Pennsylvanians in the May Primary Election.

“Following the events of Wednesday afternoon, when House Republican leadership came close to running out of town and leaving childhood sexual abuse survivors behind, we’re calling on their leadership to commit to a third and final vote in the House on Monday. We find the Republican leader’s noncommittal answer when asked if this crucial legislation would get a final vote on Monday beyond troubling and those seeking justice through this amendment need to know he supports them.

“Survivors of childhood sexual abuse have waited long enough. If House Republicans want to choose politics over people and vote against an amendment that received support from 86% of their caucus last session, then those who’ve suffered for decades deserve to know which of their elected representatives changed their vote so they can ask them why.”