Rep. Bizzarro announces $20,000 grant for local waterline project

ERIE, March 3 -- State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro worked with Elks Lodge #67 to bring $20,000 in state grant funding back to Erie.

The grant was awarded through the PA Small Water and Sewer Grant Program for a sewer water line repair on Elks Lodge #67’s property.

“This funding will help offset the cost of this project for the Elks and allow them to focus on contributing to their community. I’m thrilled to have secured this grant and know it will keep the water and sewer lines functioning without interruption for years to come,” Bizzarro said.

The Elks Lodge trustees first decided to pursue the project when the water and sewer lines became exposed. Trustees wanted to explore repair options before pipes froze or burst.

The project was deemed necessary by an assessment from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Elks secured bids before settling on a contractor to complete the project.

Bizzarro encourages organizations in search of grant opportunities to contact his office at 814-835-2880.