Isaacson leads discussion on protecting the Delaware River Basin

HARRISBURG, Feb. 22 – At today’s House Democratic Policy Committee Hearing, state Rep. Mary Isaacson highlighted the importance of the Delaware River Basin and Pennsylvania’s role in preservation efforts.

Isaacson, who represents the River Wards along the Delaware River from Old Richmond to Queen Village, highlighted the state’s responsibility to fully fund its commitment to the basin.

“Pennsylvania has the most square mileage of any state in the basin. While the agreed upon funding contribution was $893,000 annually, the state is only fulfilling $217,000 of that commitment. We must do better. Water quality, recreation and economic development in the region depends on it,” Isaacson explained.

The committee heard testimony from Kristen Bowman Kavanagh, deputy executive director of the Delaware River Basin Commission, Dr. Ron MacGillivray, senior environmental toxicologist of the Delaware River Basin Commission, and Beth Brown, director of the Delaware Watershed Program for the Pennsylvania Audubon.

“Efforts to defund the Delaware River Basin Commission have greatly impacted their monitoring abilities and this ultimately impacts keeping the waterways clean. Healthy waterways can boost local economies. They attract businesses, recreational users and we have to do our part to give the commission the resources they need to carry out these functions,” state Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, the Policy Committee chairman, said. 

David M. Bria, president of Yardley Borough Council, highlighted the fact that regular efforts to monitor the health of waterways are pivotal to outdoor recreational activities and create a scenic backdrop that boosts the local economy.

Patrick Mulhern, co-owner of Driftwood Water Adventures; Timothy Brown, brew master at Tannery Run Brew Works; and Mike Contreras, director of sales & marketing at 2SP Brewing Co., shared how Delaware River Basin waters impact their businesses.

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