House Democratic Policy Committee to examine the oath of office at Thursday’s virtual hearing

HARRISBURG | Jan. 19 – In continued efforts to defend democracy and uncover how the Jan. 6 attacks on our nation’s Capitol will impact it moving forward, the House Democratic Policy Committee will discuss the intersection of the constitution, the ethics act and culpability of those who incite or participate in violence and disinformation campaigns.

The meeting will be held virtually from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 21 and can be viewed at or via the Policy Committee’s Facebook account --@padempolicy. The media and public are invited to tune in.

Policy Committee Chairman Ryan Bizzarro and members hope to gather information on the oath of office, the spread of false information in regards to our recent elections, and what criminal violations may have been committed by those attempting to discredit American democracy.

Gerry Gendlin, constitutional law professor, will discuss the history of constitutional remedies to sedition. Shira Goodman, Anti-Defamation League, and Dr. Lauren Bairnsfather, Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh, will discuss decoding hateful messaging and symbolism. U.S. Reps. Susan Wild and Conor Lamb will share their experience while under siege in the Capitol on Jan. 6. Frederick Lawrence is a hate crimes expert and will discuss the evolution of hate crimes and community and legal response.

The meeting is one in a series addressing the false allegations of election fraud that culminated in the seditious and deadly attack on our nation’s Capitol by insurgent groups.