Rep. Bizzarro announces $184K in DEP funding coming to Erie

ERIE, Dec. 17 – State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie, announced today that grants awarded by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection will fund projects totaling $184,000 for preservation efforts in Erie.

“This funding is critical for our local governments to maintain the necessary research and support good stewardship of Pennsylvania’s natural resources. I’m proud to advocate for funding that will help Erie officials do that by keeping waterways clean and highlighting the educational and economic impact our natural resources have on the region,” Bizzarro said.

These Erie entities will receive funding for the following projects:

Erie County Department of Planning

  • $75,000 to support efforts focused on local data-driven decision making to develop meaningful strategies for stewardship of coastal resources.
  • $9,000 to help local municipalities regarding the Bluff Recession Setback Act.

Regional Science Consortium at Tom Ridge Center at Presque Isle

  • $50,000 to support water sampling from 28 locations along the coastline of Lake Erie, Presque Isle State Park, Presque Isle Bay and drinking water facilities.

Erie Bird Observatory

  • $50,000 to research migratory birds’ habits in the Lake Erie Coastal Zone and to maximize understanding for study, education and tourism outreach.

Coastal Zone grants are awarded to projects related to fisheries, wetlands, stormwater management improvements, recreation, public education, coastal hazards such as bluff recession, and other areas. Grants may also be awarded to other projects in the watershed that have an impact on coastal waters.

Additional information about the grants is available here: