$129,904.94 coming to Millcreek Township for recycling efforts

ERIE, Nov. 12 – State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie, announced today that recycling efforts in Millcreek Township can be boosted thanks to a $129,904 Recycling Program Performance Grant awarded by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

According to DEP, grants are awarded based on total tons recycled and recycling rates for commercial and residential recycling. 

“Recycling is a small task we all can do that will help reduce our carbon footprint, keep water cleaner, reduce pollution and even create new materials for needed goods. I’m thrilled to announce Millcreek is receiving this grant for their recycling efforts and can reinvest to continue improving upon them,” Bizzarro said.

Funding may be used to expand recycling processing facilities, install data collection systems on recycling vehicles, continue or creating curbside recycling programs, develop educational materials or operate leaf compost facilities.

Additional information about the program is available by searching Recycling Performance Grants at www.dep.pa.gov.