Rep. Bizzarro lauds Ben Franklin investment in area business

HARRISBURG, Sept. 28 -- State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro said he is thrilled to see an investment in Decontamination Specialty Equipment, helping it to grow family-sustaining job opportunities in the Erie region.

The $100,000 investment comes from Ben Franklin Technology Partners, based in central and northern Pennsylvania and funded by the commonwealth budget.

“When companies outside of the region recognize the rich resources that I see in our community, it’s vastly rewarding. I thank Ben Franklin for recognizing the great value Decontamination Specialty brings to the state and beyond,” Bizzarro said with gratitude.

The investment will help fund Decontamination Specialty Equipment with its efforts in engineering, designing and sourcing decontamination equipment, including portable decontamination generators and integrated room decontamination systems. Pharmaceutical, research and health care markets rely on such equipment.

“This investment will also help create and sustain jobs that pay quality wages that families can live comfortably on, exactly what our economy needs,” Bizzarro said.