Rep. Bizzarro upholds support of schools setting rules on sports and spectators

HARRISBURG, Sept. 23 -- State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro affirmed his support of high school sports, and Pennsylvania school districts’ authority to make decisions regarding whether or not sports-related activities will resume, with a vote to override Gov. Tom Wolf’s veto of H.B. 2787.

The vote was 130-71, five votes short of the number needed to override the governor’s veto.

“The Pennsylvania Department of Education came to the conclusion that schools are capable of making their own decisions regarding a return to sports. The governor’s interjection and failure to listen to his own administration’s recommendation leave me puzzled,” Bizzarro resolved. “While no doubt, the governor’s efforts have saved lives in the beginning of this pandemic, we now know more about COVID-19 and how to carry out mitigation efforts that help us have some sense of a new normal.”

“Districts across the state are better equipped to determine how safety measures, including wearing masks and social distancing, can be done in their stadiums and gyms. We trust them with the care of Pennsylvania’s children every day they go to school; they should be trusted in their efforts to maintain some normalcy in what’s been a trying time for our communities,” Bizzarro explained.