Bizzarro vote prioritizes environment, jobs

ERIE, July 8 – Citing his support for giving communities a voice to preserve energy options, family-sustaining jobs and protecting Pennsylvania’s environment, state Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie, released the following statement on his vote for House Bill 2025 today:

“House Bill 2025 is necessary because Pennsylvanians deserve a voice when it comes to navigating energy decisions and their impact on our environment and economy.  This legislation gives the General Assembly the ability to look out for the communities we represent and make sure that their livelihood and families are considered before we limit energy choices and cut jobs.

“Stable, affordable, and diverse energy sources are needed. We must continue to rely on electricity, clean coal and natural gas while expanding on wind and solar resources. Now is not the time to cut resources and jobs without having a plan to properly transition our workforce into these industries. 

“Pennsylvania should be taking an ‘all hands-on deck’ approach to ensure we have a robust energy portfolio that keeps our economy thriving and continues to prioritize our air, water supplies and public health.

“Energy-sector jobs provide family-sustaining wages that have far-reaching impacts on our communities. Amidst a global pandemic is not the time to slash our energy portfolio and good-paying jobs for hardworking Pennsylvanians.

“My support of this legislation will ensure communities across the state have access to affordable energy sources, quality employment opportunities and continues to prioritize exploring and transitioning to clean energy options without causing further strains on our economy. Climate change is real. We have to act; but need a real plan that gets us to where we need to be.”