Markosek: Nearly $122,000 in state funding for Pitcairn sports complex

MONROEVILLE, Sept. 20 – Pitcairn Borough will receive $121,931 in state funding to update and expand its sports complex facilities, state Rep. Brandon Markosek, D-Allegheny, announced today.

The project will construct additional parking areas near the trail and basketball courts, an access road through the complex and convert part of the existing gravel and impervious surfaces into lawn or planting areas.

“The sports complex has provided recreational opportunities for many residents in the community,” Markosek said. “The funding for this project will allow more people to access the complex. I’m encouraged to see that the grant will also add some green spaces to the area.”

The Commonwealth Financing Authority, an independent agency of the state Department of Community and Economic Development, administered the funding from its Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program. More information about the program is available here: