Pisciottano: Kennywood is committed to safety and security

Responds to DA Zappala’s threat to shut down iconic amusement park

PITTSBURGH, March 24 – In response to Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr.’s statement today on safety concerns at Kennywood, state Rep. Nick Pisciottano issued the following statement:

“As a state legislator living a half mile from Kennywood Park and representing many of Kennywood’s employees and paying customers, I have worked with Kennywood management on their efforts to ensure the park is safe for all attendees – including my own family – since the tragic shooting last fall. I’ve seen firsthand the security upgrades Kennywood management has made in response to that event. Like many others in our region, I look forward to enjoying Kennywood Park this summer with my family in a safe environment based on the security improvements instituted since last September.

“The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office has not contacted me since the incident at Kennywood, nor did they contact my office before today’s press conference.

“After participating in several discussions with management on safety efforts at Kennywood in recent months, I believe the park’s team would welcome the district attorney’s input. Staging a press conference threatening a major economic driver for the Mon Valley less than a month ahead of its 125th Anniversary opening day is not responsible treatment of a regional historic treasure and national tourist destination in Allegheny County. I encourage the district attorney to make clear what his specific concerns are, what recommendations are not being met, and actively participate in ongoing discussions in the community so that families across Pennsylvania can safely enjoy Kennywood Park this season.”