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Pisciottano: Kennywood is committed to safety and security

(1 day ago)

“As a state legislator living a half mile from Kennywood Park and representing many of Kennywood’s employees and paying customers, I have worked with Kennywood management on their efforts to ensure the park is safe for all attendees – including my own family – since the tragic shooting last fall. I’ve seen firsthand the security upgrades Kennywood management has made in response to that event. Like many others in our region, I look forward to enjoying Kennywood Park this summer with my family in a safe environment based on the security improvements instituted since last September. Read more

Venkat speaks at CeasefirePA, March for Our Lives rally

(Mar 23, 2023)

Will use his legislative position to work toward safer communities. Read more

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Senator Costa, Mayor Gainey, Representative Innamorato Champion Tax Breaks for Pittsburgh’s Longtime Owner Occupied Properties, Call for Swift Passage

(Mar 23, 2023)

Today, State Senator Jay Costa, Mayor Ed Gainey, and Representative Sara Innamorato gathered to call for the speedy passage of the Longtime Owner Occupant Tax Exemption Program (LOOP) in order to protect homeowners living in areas with rapidly increasing property tax rates. Read more

Pisciottano tackles junk fees, motorcycle lemons with new bills

(Mar 22, 2023)

“Hidden or ‘junk’ fees are inherently deceptive and should not exist in a free and fair market,” Pisciottano said. “For too long, companies like Ticketmaster have taken advantage of American consumers through these arbitrary fees. I applaud the steps being taken at the federal level to address junk fees and look forward to supplementing consumer protections here in Pennsylvania by mandating fee transparency in advertised prices.” Read more

Steele appointed to four PA House committees

(Mar 21, 2023)

Will work across the aisle to ensure best outcomes for her community. Read more

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How Corporations are Trapping Employees – What We Can Do to Stop Them

(Mar 21, 2023)

It may sound to some like a fair bargain. A prospective employer offers you a job and promises to train you with valuable skills. In return, you agree to stick with the company for a specific time, so another employer doesn’t poach you once your training is complete. This is the premise of the training repayment agreement provisions (TRAPs), or employment contract clauses, that demand company loyalty in exchange for job training. Read more

Senate, House Dems discuss need for COLA for PSERS and SERS retirees

(Mar 21, 2023)

“It’s time for Pennsylvania to grow a spine and support the thousands of seniors who did everything right, dedicated their lives to their communities and paid their fair share, yet now are struggling to make ends meet,” House Majority Policy Committee Chairman Ryan Bizzarro added. “Now in their golden years, former public employees and state workers have not received a cost-of-living adjustment since 2002-03, when a gallon of gasoline cost less than $1.70. It’s more important now than ever to attract and retain teachers, and we cannot expect to attract more teachers without first addressing pensions and salaries.” Read more

Rep. Mayes appointed to four PA House committees

(Mar 20, 2023)

Will work through nuance to better the lives of all Pennsylvanians. Read more

Rep. Salisbury, Sen. Costa announce more than $4 million in state grant funding for local communities

(Mar 20, 2023)

Projects include blight remediation, road improvements, STEAM academy Read more

Mayes secures over $1 million in state grants

(Mar 17, 2023)

Two local projects have been awarded a combined $1,181,346 in state grants, state Rep. La’Tasha D. Mayes, D-Allegheny, announced today. Read more