My office is here to help

(Aug 28, 2020)

During this health emergency, my office is here to serve you. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Thank you for supporting local blood banks

(Aug 21, 2020)

Thank you to the many people who attended our blood drive this week. Read more


Addressing gun violence must be a priority. So, we’re addressing it.

(Aug 21, 2020)

A myriad of bipartisan bills designed to reduce gun violence and keep our communities safer – none of which come anywhere close to wholesale rejection of the 2nd Amendment, as fear mongers might have you believe – continue to languish in committee, not even deemed important enough to discuss, let alone receive votes. Read more


Zabel announces more than $290K dedicated to services for students with special needs

(Aug 20, 2020)

DREXEL HILL, Aug. 20 – State Rep. Mike Zabel announced today funding has been approved for three local education agencies to provide services for students with special needs during the health pandemic. Three local education agencies will receive a combined $290,947 in funds from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund and the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s federal funding. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Donate at my blood drive to help local blood banks

(Aug 14, 2020)

Find out details on my upcoming blood drive, COVID-19 testing in Delco and important Delco information. Read more


8/11/20 – COVID-19 Testing Challenges – Harrisburg

(Aug 11, 2020)

Materials from a House Democratic Policy Committee public hearing held in the Capitol and co-chaired by State Rep. Mike Zabel. Read more


Zabel highlights COVID-19 testing challenges

(Aug 11, 2020)

HARRISBURG, Aug. 11 – State Rep. Mike Zabel, D-Delaware, highlighted the testing challenges presented by COVID-19 at a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing as healthcare professionals prepare for what many predict will be a difficult stretch for the United States. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Important events happening this month

(Aug 07, 2020)

Tune in for a policy hearing on Tuesday from Harrisburg , and consider donating blood on Aug. 18 to help our local blood banks. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Committed to helping our local municipalities

(Jul 31, 2020)

In this week's email, find out about improvements in Aldan and state programs designed to help residents and small businesses. Read more


Zabel Summer 2020 Newsletter

(Jul 24, 2020)

Read Rep. Mike Zabel's summer newsletter published in July 2020. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Participate in my online census event Wednesday

(Jul 24, 2020)

Participate in my online census event Wednesday. Read more


Zabel instrumental in improvements to Aldan community

(Jul 20, 2020)

DREXEL HILL, July 20 – State Rep. Mike Zabel announced Monday that Aldan Borough has received a $20,000 grant through the Department of Community and Economic Development. Read more


Vitali, Zabel announce $7,500 grant for Haverford Township

(Jul 20, 2020)

HARRISBURG, July 20 – State Reps. Greg Vitali and Mike Zabel announced Monday a $7,500 grant for Haverford Township has been approved through the Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Join us at Kent Park Trail Cleanup

(Jul 17, 2020)

Volunteers are needed as we clean up Kent Park Trail on Saturday morning. Join us at 9 a.m. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: COVID-19 testing available in Delco

(Jul 10, 2020)

Drive-through and walk-up testing for COVID-19 is available in Delco at mobile testing sites. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: During green, take precautions to protect our community

(Jun 26, 2020)

In this week's email, find details on assistance available in Delco for our residents and small businesses. Read more


Delco House Democrats thank fellow residents for work toward Green Phase

(Jun 19, 2020)

HARRISBURG, June 19 – Pennsylvania House Democrats representing Delaware County praised residents for their diligence and sacrifice in flattening the deadly curve of COVID-19 infections following Gov. Tom Wolf’s announcement today that the county will enter Green Phase recovery efforts on June 26. During the Green Phase, aggressive mitigation tactics to control the spread of the disease are lifted, but several key defenses against it stay in effect. Personal care services, including hair salons and barber shops, must operate at 50% capacity or by appointment only; appointments or reservations also are strongly encouraged for gyms or spas. Any gathering for a planned or spontaneous event of greater than 250 individuals is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, a concert, festival, fair, conference, sporting event, movie showing or theater performance. Visitation to prisons and hospitals may resume subject to the discretion of the facility. Nursing home visitation restrictions remain in place. Restaurants and bars may be open at 50% occupancy. Casinos, theaters, and shopping malls can open at 50% occupancy. Churches, synagogues, temples, mosques and other places of congregate worship are excluded from limitations. These institutions are strongly encouraged to enforce social distancing and other mitigation measures such as masking at their gatherings. Other details can be found here . Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Assistance is available for those in need

(Jun 18, 2020)

In this week's email, find out about programs that can help residents and families in our community. Read more


Zabel set to reopen district offices in Clifton Heights, Drexel Hill

(Jun 17, 2020)

HARRISBURG, June 18 – State Rep. Mike Zabel, D-Delaware, will reopen his district offices in Clifton Heights and Drexel Hill on Monday, June 22. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: My district offices will be reopening by appointment only

(Jun 12, 2020)

In this week's email, find out important new opportunities for small businesses as well as details on my district offices reopening. Read more