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House Republicans continue attacks against women’s health, family rights in Pennsylvania

(Jun 09, 2021)

The series of bills passed Wednesday would, if enacted into law, work to erode the rights of patients and parents and should absolutely be understood as an attack on reproductive rights. Read more

Daley: Defending Women’s Rights

(Jun 08, 2021)

While reproductive rights are a major part of the caucus’ agenda, it considers all the issues important to women and their families. People from all over Pennsylvania are looking for legislators to support them and their families. Read more

Women’s Health Caucus agenda invests in a better future for everyone

(Jun 07, 2021)

The members of the Women’s Health Caucus stressed the need to get to work now to pass this legislation and other bills that will help women and families with real support -- now and in the future. Learn more at www.pahouse.com/parescueplan. Read more

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Without enough child care, workers can’t get back to work

(Jun 03, 2021)

As the pandemic eases and businesses return to in-person work across the state, a large swath of parents hoping to rejoin the workforce are experiencing the same stress. Read more

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Why do Black American women die having babies?

(Jun 03, 2021)

Mary C. Curtis sits down with Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, President Joe Biden's pick to lead the task force on health equity. They discuss why Black people suffer disproportionately and what is being done to change the equation. Read more