Jessica Benham

36th District/Allegheny County

Rep. Benham has worked to ensure that individuals with disabilities are treated fairly in the legislative process. Benham also advocates to solve lack of access to quality health care and to economic opportunity, poor air and water quality, and failing infrastructure.


Lisa Borowski

168th District/Delaware County

Public education is a passion of Rep. Borowski’s and will always be a priority to her.  She supports common sense legislation to end gun violence and prioritize public safety. She will advocate for legislation to protect abortion access, workers’ rights, fight climate change and expand voting rights.


Donna Bullock

195th District/Philadelphia County

Rep. Bullock serves as the chair of the Pennsylvania legislative Black Caucus.  She was also appointed to chair of the Ethics committee and Children and Youth committee.  Rep. Bullock's public service precedes her work in government. She has volunteered and served on several boards, task forces, and coalitions, including the Smith Memorial Playground, the Columbia North YMCA Advisory Board, West Philadelphia Child Care Network, and the Mayor's Office of Community Service Advisory Board.


Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz

129th District/Berks County

Cepeda-Freytiz has served on the Reading City Council since January 2020. That same year, she received the COVID-19 Hero Award from United Community Services and in 2021, she was awarded Purple Ribbon Business Partner of the Year by the Domestic Shelters Organization.  She is also a small business owner and an advocate for Latino owned businesses.


Morgan Cephas

192nd District/Philadelphia County

Since joining the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Morgan has introduced legislation to reverse the trend of maternal mortality, increase financial relief for childcare and to bring dignity to incarcerated women. Since her first term, she has successfully secured over $12 million in state funds to improve local schools, parks, businesses, and libraries and to jumpstart community development projects.  She is Chairwomen of the Philadelphia House Delegation and  is a Co-Chairwomen of the Democratic Women’s Health Caucus.


Melissa Cerrato

151st District/Montgomery County

Cerrato served on the staff of state Rep. Liz Hanbidge, D-Montgomery. Her position in Hanbidge’s office gave her the ability to help those in the community who were facing the same struggles she had.  She is ready to fight for reproductive justice, affordable childcare, fairly funded public education, living wages and fully funded public services across our commonwealth.


Gina H. Curry

164th District/Delaware County

Rep. Curry is an educator with more than 20 years of experience working with youth and families and is an advocate for equitable funding for education, economic development, and the need for affordable and safe housing. enjoys supporting and mentoring youth and young professionals in leadership skills development, volunteerism, and civic engagement. She also was committed to working as a local Girl Scout Troop leader for years, encouraging leadership development in elementary- and middle school-age girls.


Mary Jo Daley

148th District/Montgomery County

Daley is committed to focusing on the needs of her constituents through the assistance provided by a capable district office staff and a lot of community outreach.  Her election to state office continues a deep commitment to community service, the environment and social justice. Daley is leading efforts in Harrisburg to stop further erosion of women's rights, fighting for non-discrimination in Pennsylvania, and taking a deep look at how the state pays for the services it provides.


Tina Davis - Caucus Secretary

141st District/Bucks County

Rep. Davis was selected by her colleagues to be part of the leadership team to serve as the House Democratic Caucus secretary for the 2021-22 legislative session and again for the 2023-24 session.  Rep. Davis has forged a leading role on key issues, including economic development and opportunity; job creation; pay equity; property tax reform; and programs assisting families, seniors, and veterans.


Elizabeth Fielder

184th District/Philadelphia County

Rep. Fiedler is an advocate for strong public schools, so that each child, regardless of race, gender, economic class or location, can attend a fully funded school in their neighborhood. She supports healthcare as a human right, with the goal of supporting legislation on universal healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid expansion, and protecting a woman’s power to make her own choices about her health and her body.  She also cares deeply about the environment and clean renewable energy.


Danielle Friel Otten

155th District/Chester County

Danielle is focused on providing for strong public schools, making health care more affordable and accessible, public safety, conservation and environmental justice, along with workforce development and family-sustaining jobs.  She was integral in founding Del-Chesco United for Pipeline Safety, a collective of eight coalitions in Delaware and Chester counties joining forces to fight for public safety at the state level.


Roni Green

190th District/Philadelphia County

Rep. Green previously represented the 190th Legislative District, from February through Nov. 30, 2020. She has served as a community and labor organizer for more than 30 years.

Green’s priorities include fighting for workers’ rights, affordable housing to preserve neighborhoods and ensure that every working family has a home, sensible gun reform to combat the gun violence epidemic, equitable community and economic development that provides opportunities to all, and criminal justice reform with a focus on ending mass incarceration.


Nancy Guenst

152nd District/Montgomery County

Rep. Guenst served from 1977 to 1979 as an analyst and German translator at Field Station Berlin.  She has extensive training in emergency management, and the safety of Commonwealth residents is a major concern to her. As a veteran, she understands the challenges that veterans face in life after service and will fight to protect Pennsylvania’s veterans and secure more funding for their health care and benefits.


Liz Hanbidge

61st District/Montgomery County

As a practicing attorney, Liz has devoted much of her time to pro bono work with the Montgomery County Child Advocacy Project. As a court-appointed guardian defending victims of abuse and neglect, Liz works tirelessly with police, Judges, and the Office of Children and Youth to help protect the most vulnerable children throughout the county.


Carol Hill-Evans

95th District/York County

Hill-Evans' priorities for improving the lives of residents of the 95th Legislative District include job creation, raising the minimum wage, fighting for increased funding for education and mental health resources – specifically for veterans – and economic development.


Kristine Howard

167th District/Chester County

Kristine understands quality schools are critical in laying the groundwork for a successful future. This fuels her fight to improve state programs and funding to offer quality education, healthcare, and career opportunities for all, including two-income families and single mothers, whose life challenges she shares.  She’s dedicated to creating solutions to the problems faced by Chester County families.


Sara Innamorato

21st District/Allegheny County

She advocates for increased transparency and reform in Harrisburg. In addition, Innamorato champions improved and expanded Medicare-for-all, a fair tax system, economic dignity through fair pay and a union, affordable housing, clean air and water, and the best possible schools for our children.  Innamorato also co-founded an initiative called “She Runs SWPA,” which aims to empower more women to run for elected office in the region. In time, she realized that she wanted to join them and bring new leadership to the Commonwealth.


Mary Isaacson

175th District/Philadelphia County

Her top priorities include education funding, protecting our waterways, commonsense gun legislation, fighting for LGBT and women's rights, affordable healthcare for all and a government that is transparent and accountable to citizens, particularly in redistricting and campaign-finance reform.  Mary has served more than eight years as a member of the Democratic State Committee and 14 years as a local Democratic committee member.


Carol Kazeem

159th District/Delaware County

Rep. Kazeem has extensive experience working on homelessness reductions, mental and behavioral health services, gun violence prevention, youth mentorship and raising awareness on the effects of poverty. Kazeem is pursuing legislative initiatives such as strengthening education equity, combating gun violence, ending the war on drugs, criminal justice reform and raising the minimum wage. She also is pursuing a degree in the field of law


Patty Kim

103rd District/Dauphin County

Leading her caucus’s charge to provide a livable wage for all Pennsylvanians, Kim has introduced bills to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour. She continues her fight for a minimum wage increase to restore the middle class by lifting thousands of Pennsylvanians out of poverty. Her priorities also include combating climate change and bolstering public schools by ensuring qualified teachers receive competitive pay and by providing pathways for college students to enter the profession.


Emily Kinkead

20th District/Allegheny County

Kinkead is pursuing legislative priorities that promote a living wage, responsible development and infrastructure, criminal justice reform, reproductive justice, LGBTQIA+ equality, safer (and more equitable) communities, and clean air and water for all Pennsylvanians, along with working to make the Pittsburgh area live up to the moniker of “Most Livable” for every person.


Bridget Kosierowski

114th District/Lackawanna County

Kosierowski has spent her professional life in the health care sector working as a registered nurse.  Her legislative priorities include preserving and enhancing health care services for all. She will work to preserve the state's Children Health Insurance Program, expand Medicaid access and protect those with pre-existing conditions from higher insurance premiums. She also plans to take steps to address the burden of school property taxes, as well as support efforts to impose a tax on natural-gas extractions and to close legal loopholes that allow multi-state corporations to pay lower income taxes.


Leanne Krueger - Caucus Administrator

161st District/Delaware County

Rep. Krueger serves on House Majority Leadership as Caucus Administrator.  She is a progressive champion and tireless advocate for women, school kids, the environment, and working families.  A progressive champion and tireless advocate for women, school kids, the environment, and working families.


Anita Kulik

45th District/Allegheny County

She has served as an adjunct professor teaching paralegal course and has served as a clerk in the Pennsylvania Superior Court. Her practice has consisted of domestic cases, including custody and protection from abuse (PFA) matters.  She has been active with many community organizations, including conducting various fundraising activities for her local fire department and various youth organizations.


Maureen Madden

115th District/Monroe County

Her legislative priorities include reforming property taxes, and securing additional state funding for basic education so public schools are fairly funded. She supports increasing the minimum wage and equal pay for equal work.  Madden supports a moratorium on fracking of natural gas until safety measures are put in place to ensure that drinking water is safe, and the risk of leaks are decreased.

She is a strong advocate for women’s health and a woman’s right to choose, as well as equal protections for LGBT residents.


La’Tasha D. Mayes

24th District/Allegheny County

Mayes is a national Reproductive Justice leader, public policy advocate and former non-profit president & CEO. She is the first out lesbian to ever serve in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Mayes also served on the Governor’s Advisory Commission on African American Affairs under Gov. Tom Wolf and was the inaugural vice chair of the Allegheny County Human Relations Commission


Joanna McClinton - Speaker of the House

191st District/Philadelphia and Delaware Counties

Speaker Joanna McClinton was first elected in 2015.  Since then, she has made history three times! First in 2018 when she became the first woman and first African American to be elected as House Democratic Caucus Chair, and again in 2020, when she was the first woman elected House Democratic Leader in the institution’s history. Then in 2022, McClinton became the first woman to serve as Majority Leader.  Finally on February 28 2023, she was elected as the first woman Speaker of the PA House!


Jeanne McNeill

133rd District/Lehigh County

Rep. McNeill’s priorities include fighting for working families, seniors and women’s rights, against discrimination of any kind, and the right for the physically and mentally challenged to have the same opportunities as the rest of the residents of this commonwealth. She is also committed to addressing the opioid crisis that is plaguing this state and taking more lives young and old every day.


Jennifer O’Mara

165th District/Delaware County

As state Representative, Jennifer is committed to improving public education for our children, protecting our communities from the dangers of gun violence, ensuring access to affordable health care, and expanding job opportunities at all skill levels. Her dedication to public service is deeply rooted in her own experience, and her ability to deliver practical solutions has been shaped by her challenging personal journey.


Darisha Parker

198th District/Philadelphia County

Darisha understands a quality, public education is critical, which is why she's committed to fully funding Philadelphia schools and connecting its students and teachers with the resources they need to succeed in a safe learning environment.  Darisha understands the ins and outs of constituent services and has partnered with community advocates and residents to stop gun violence, reduce the poverty rate and fight to make clean air and water accessible to everyone.


Tarah Probst

189th District/Monroe and Pike Counties

Prior to becoming a State Rep, Rep. Probst was the first female mayor in Stroudsburg’s more than 200-year history. Her priorities include good jobs, fighting for fair funding for public schools and lower property taxes, making sure health care is affordable and accessible for everyone, protecting a woman’s right to choose and ensuring clean air and clean water.


Abigail Salisbury

34th District/Allegheny County

Rep. Salisbury worked on human rights and microfinance issues in Kosovo, Senegal, and Ethiopia. Salisbury went on to serve as the executive director of and to teach First Amendment law at the University of Pittsburgh, later establishing her own reduced-cost law practice for nonprofits and small businesses in Swissvale. Key issues for Salisbury include updating infrastructure, standing up for human rights for all citizens, fostering small business development, supporting public schools, and preserving the environment.   


Christina Sappey

158th District/Chester County

Rep. Sappey managed businesses in the fashion industry for many years.  She is an advocate for natural resource protection and infrastructure issues in her community.  Rep. Sappey used her knowledge and experience to serve the people of Chester County as chief of staff to former state Rep. Barbara McIlvaine  Smith, director of legislative initiatives for former state Sen. Andy Dinniman, and as chief of staff to former state Rep. and now-state Sen. Carolyn Comitta.


Melissa Shusterman

157th District/Chester County

As a legislator, Melissa is committed to putting common sense before politics, believing it's time for ordinary citizens to have a voice in their government. Her priorities include bringing transparency to the role. She also plans to address Pennsylvania's infrastructure deficiencies, investing in our public schools, reaching across the aisle to end partisan gridlock, as well as strengthening protections for our environment.


Mandy Steele

33rd District/Allegheny County

Steele has founded and operated two nonprofit organizations and in 2019 became the first woman and Democrat elected to the Fox Chapel Borough Council. Prior to being elected, Steele spent the last few years leading bipartisan actions focused on environmental and safety issues.  She cares about making her community as clean as possible, focusing on eliminating air and water pollution, along with adopting better forms of clean energy and creating jobs.


Regina Young

185th Distrcit/Delaware and Philadelphia Counties

Rep. Young is a community organizer, former educator, social service worker, a certified HIV and grief counselor. She is on the board of the Browning Scholarship Foundation, an advisory committee member for Turning Points for Children, and member of the Police District Advisory Committee (PDAC) for the 12th district.