Venkat applauds over $2 million in state grants

(Mar 17, 2023)

Will improve multiple projects across the community. Read more


Venkat: $250,000 in state funding awarded to support local road project

(Mar 17, 2023)

Will improve pedestrian safety and make upgrades to roadways. Read more


Rep. Venkat appointed to three PA House committees

(Mar 10, 2023)

State Rep. Arvind Venkat, D-Allegheny, announced today that he has been appointed to three Pennsylvania House standing committees – Health, Insurance and Professional Licensure – for the 2023-24 legislative session. Read more


Venkat, Mercuri introduce legislation to protect children in schools, daycare centers

(Mar 06, 2023)

Legislation would prohibit registered sexually violent predators from residing within 2,500 feet of a public school, private school, parochial school, pre-school, or childcare facility. Read more


Venkat announces $750,000 in state funding for Northland Public Library

(Feb 27, 2023)

New state funding of $750,000 to the Northland Public Library Authority in McCandless will help rehabilitate parts of the structure providing more safety to people who visit, state Rep. Arvind Venkat, D-Allegheny, announced today. Read more


Venkat meets with federal secretary of the Interior, local officials

(Feb 09, 2023)

Group meets at Avonworth High School to discuss federal Inflation Reduction Act Read more


Venkat announces nearly $150,000 for local fire departments and EMS agencies

(Feb 08, 2023)

Furthering his promise to prioritize investing in first responders, state Rep. Arvind Venkat, D-Allegheny, announced today that $143,233.27 in state grants have been awarded to multiple fire departments and EMS agencies serving McCandless, Franklin Park, Ohio Township, Kilbuck, Emsworth, Ben Avon, Ben Avon Heights and Hampton Township. Read more


Policy Hearing: Testifiers detail issues affecting health care staffing

(Jan 26, 2023)

“While the pandemic did not cause these issues, it crystalized the problem in a way where the public became acutely aware of its importance,” said Rep. Venkat, who is an emergency physician and the first physician to serve in PA's General Assembly in about 60 year. “Unfortunately, no silver bullet – or magical solution – exists to fix this complicated problem. As we saw when we peeled back layers of the issue today, addressing one issue often calls for the need to find a solution to several more related issues." Read more


Pa. lawmakers propose medical debt relief bill

(Jan 23, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 23 – Seeking to ease the burden of medical debt on working families, a plan to create the Pennsylvania Medical Debt Repayment Program was unveiled today by state Reps. Arvind Venkat and Nick Pisciottano, both D-Allegheny; Bridget Kosierowski, D-Lackawanna; and Tarik Khan and Donna Bullock, both D-Phila. “As a physician, I have seen firsthand how problems with our nation’s healthcare system – including medical debt – have hurt families and prevented people from getting the care they need,” said Venkat, the first physician to serve in the General Assembly in nearly 60 years. “While there are many issues that we need to address, including the systemic problems that lead to spiraling medical debt, this bill is an important first step toward helping people across Pennsylvania get the assistance and the care they need – and not phone calls from collection agencies.” “When my son was diagnosed with childhood leukemia, the last thing I wanted to worry about was the stress of medical costs. No family in Pennsylvania should ever need to think twice before seeking care for chronic or other serious conditions for fear of going into medical debt,” Kosierowski said. “We must do whatever we can at the state level to ensure that families don’t need to choose between going to the doctor or putting food on their table or buying clothes for their children.” The lawmakers likened the newly Read more


Venkat announces nearly $400,000 in environmental grants

(Jan 12, 2023)

State Rep. Arvind Venkat, D-Allegheny, announced today that Franklin Park has been awarded $390,900 in grants to address environmental concerns. Read more


Venkat: $20,000 to aid in goal of Hunger-Free campuses

(Jan 11, 2023)

Newly acquired funding of $20,000 will help La Roche University in McCandless move closer towards the goal of a hunger-free campus, state Rep. Arvind Venkat, D-Allegheny, announced today. Read more


Venkat: Over $600,000 in traffic safety grants awarded to McCandless, Hampton townships

(Jan 04, 2023)

Today, state Rep. Arvind Venkat, D-Allegheny, announced $626,483 in state funding for his community. Read more


Venkat takes state representative oath

(Jan 03, 2023)

State Rep. Arvind Venkat took the oath of office in the state Capitol today to begin representing the 30th Legislative District. Read more


Venkat announces $100,000 in state funding for local emergency organizations

(Dec 12, 2022)

Hitting the ground running, state Rep.-elect Arvind Venkat, D-Allegheny, today announced that he has helped secure $100,000 for emergency service organizations in his community. Read more


Get quality health coverage at a low cost through Pennie

(Dec 02, 2022)

Pennsylvanians can enroll in 2023 health insurance coverage through Pennie now until Jan. 15, 2023. Last year, many Pennsylvanians enrolled in health insurance through a Pennie plan and paid lower monthly premiums due to premium subsidies included in the American Rescue Plan Act. The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act extended these subsidies until Jan. 1, 2026. Visit or the Pennie Customer Service Call Center at 1-844-844-8040. Read more


Need help heating your home? Apply to LIHEAP this winter.

(Dec 02, 2022)

Pennsylvanians in need of energy assistance are encouraged to apply to the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) for 2022-2023 winter heating season. To see if you qualify, view the table via the link above, and click here to apply online using COMPASS. A paper application can also be found here . Everyone should be able to keep warm during the coldest months of the year, and LIHEAP is a true security blanket for those who are in need. Read more


PA Treasury could be holding your unclaimed property

(Dec 02, 2022)

Each year, the Pennsylvania Treasury receives millions of dollars of unclaimed property. It is estimated that roughly one in 10 Pennsylvanians has unclaimed property. Unclaimed property may include: Closed bank accounts Uncashed checks, including paychecks Lost stocks and bonds Contents of safe deposit boxes Proceeds from the demutualization of insurance companies Expired gift cards/gift certificates To find out if you have unclaimed property, search your name in the Unclaimed Property database at or call 1-800-222-2046. There is NO CHARGE to claim your unclaimed property. Read more


PennDOT is hiring for winter maintenance

(Dec 02, 2022)

PennDOT is currently hiring employees for the Winter Maintenance Program. Employees hired for the Winter Maintenance Program are critical to a safe winter season, and these temporary opportunities are an excellent pathway to a permanent career with PennDOT. For more information on how to apply, click here . Read more