Attract Workers + Families


We can help deliver job security and peace of mind for Pennsylvania’s world class workforce by making sure workers have access to quality, affordable childcare, the ability to earn Paid Sick & Family Leave, and the power to control their own retirement.

 Grow the economy while expanding opportunity and cutting poverty with a state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

 Help working parents afford high-quality care for their kids while allowing employers the ability to hire and retain the staff they need through a state Dependent and Child Care Tax Credit

 Increase the thresholds for Special Tax Forgiveness to adequately reflect the cost of living in 2021, not 2004 – the last time the eligibility thresholds were changed.

 Protect workers and employers by creating an employee-driven, state-operated Paid Sick and Family Leave Program through the proposed Family Care Act.

 Deliver Retirement Security with an employee-driven, state-operated retirement program that uses the economy of scale to provide all workers with an easy way to save for their retirement.