Help Businesses Grow + Thrive


We must reward innovation and expand Pennsylvania’s role as a world leader in fast-growing, high-technology industries with a competitive tax structure and invest in our entrepreneurs making business happen, from our largest employers to the local businesses improving their communities. 

 Cut taxes on businesses creating jobs in PA by reducing the Corporate Net Income Tax from one of the highest in the nation -- currently 9.99% --  to one of the lowest in the region at 6.99%.

 Protect PA-based businesses by strengthening add-back provisions similar to provisions in other states.

 Reward investments in high-tech, high-wage jobs by accelerating the Net Operating Loss Carry-Forward, allowing companies that invest in new technology to write off more of that investment on their taxes.

 Support small businesses as they are imagined, founded and grow in Pennsylvania:

 Support exisiting university-based programs that help start-ups overcome hurdles and succeed in coming to the market.

 Foster innovation for small and medium businesses by expanding technical assistance and advisors.

Grow entrepreneurship programs with staffing and support services in conjunction with the Small Business Development Centers and universities in rural and underserved areas.

 Reward innovation:  

 Increase research and development tax credit caps and award caps and make them refundable.