Pisciottano: Nearly $240K awarded to Whitehall

State grant funds for park development, fire fighter radios

WHITEHALL, Nov. 21 – Nearly $240,000 has been awarded to the borough and local fire company through two state grants, state Rep. Nick Pisciottano, D-Allegheny, announced today.

“State grants like these are essential in adequately funding the pillars of our community, especially our emergency services,” said Pisciottano. “I’m proud to have brought millions of tax dollars back to our area throughout my first term as a state legislator.”

One grant of $140,000 to Whitehall Borough will fund the purchase of a frontend loader and six security cameras for local parks.

A second grant of $99,000 to the Whitehall Fire Co. will fund communication equipment upgrades to comply with Allegheny County 911’s switch to a new digital system.

The funds are sourced from a grant program administered by the Department of Community and Economic Development.