Krajewski excited about Pa. school funding ruling

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 8 – Yesterday, PA Commonwealth Court ruled that the state’s current school funding system is unconstitutional.

The ruling is the result of a 2014 case brought by the William Penn School District against the PA Department of Education, a lawsuit that was filed on behalf of parents, school districts, and statewide organizations arguing that the commonwealth’s funding of K-12 public education is inadequate and violates the Pennsylvania Constitution.

State Rep. Rick Krajewski, D-Phila., has been an advocate for fair and equitable school funding since taking office in 2021. He said he is excited about the ruling.

“Access to a quality public education should be a fundamental right! For far too long, Pennsylvania public schools have been unfairly funded based on Zip codes, and districts with a higher proportion of Black and brown children have been most adversely impacted. Yesterday’s court ruling affirms that. Now we must do the work to ensure public schools that have been underfunded for so long get whatever they need to provide their students a valuable education,” Krajewski said.