How I voted: September 21

(Sep 22, 2021)

HR 139 (Rep Shelby Labs - R) This resolution extends the Governor’s proclamation declaring a disaster emergency in response to Hurricane Ida. This is necessary because the recent ballot measures proposed by Republicans (and passed narrowly by the electorate) drastically limited the Governor’s powers to declare and sustain any/all disaster emergencies. Now, my colleagues who created these ballot measures have found themselves in a precarious position: They can’t ensure their constituents who have lost homes and businesses to flooding will receive disaster relief unless this state of emergency is continued. They knew this all along, and now on the last day of the Governor’s Hurricane Ida emergency, legislators have to waste taxpayer money driving to and from Harrisburg, and staying in hotels, and eating meals at the taxpayer’s expense, so we can convene in a last-minute session to continue the state of emergency. I voted YES because it’s the right thing to do. I just wish my colleagues would stop the kind of political gamesmanship that causes such a waste of taxpayer money and legislators’ time and energy. HB 184 (Rep Dawn Keefer – R) This bill creates a mandatory minimum sentence for those convicted of causing or aiding suicide when the individual dies by suicide, is under 18 years old, and has an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder. I voted NO because this is part of an ongoing Read more


UNDER THE DOME: Politics takes precedence over growing climate chaos

(Sep 09, 2021)

Last week, the Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) adopted the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) in Pennsylvania. Read more


Introducing New Legislation and Important Hurricane Ida Recovery Information

(Sep 08, 2021)

I am proud to announce a new bill I am sponsoring with Representative Tracy Pennycuick (R-MontCo) that would hold government contractors accountable for past failures. Read more


Rep. Herrin's Summer 2021 Newsletter

(Aug 30, 2021)

Rep. Herrin's summer newsletter including information on how her district office can serve you, early childhood education and office events, Read more


Third Vaccine Dose Information for Immunocompromised Individuals

(Aug 26, 2021)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends a third mRNA COVID-19 vaccine dose for moderately and severely immunocompromised individuals. Read more


Herrin highlights PA childcare needs at public hearing

(Aug 18, 2021)

WEST CHESTER, Aug. 18 -- Strengthening Pennsylvania’s childcare system and supporting children and families was the focus at state Rep. Dianne Herrin’s House Democratic Policy Committee hearing. Herrin’s hearing took a comprehensive look at the vital role quality child care plays in children’s development and Pennsylvania’s economy. “Well-funded early childhood education and high-quality child care set a foundation for the future success of our children,” Herrin said. “This is not just a women’s issue or a family issue, but an issue that impacts all of our communities, our economy, and our long-term success as a society and nation. I believe shining a light on the significant staffing shortage our providers face, insufficient government funding, and need for high-quality care will bring about bipartisan policy solutions that will ensure healthy growth and development of our children. This will benefit all of us.” Betsy Billie, executive director of the West Chester Area Day Care Center, focused on the difficulty of retaining staff and challenges faced through the COVID-19 pandemic. Jonathan Ragonese shared a parent perspective, including the difficulty of balancing costs with work and family expenses. The real cost of quality child care is akin to tuition at a state-funded university. Carol Austin, executive director of First Up and Kimberly Early, director of public policy and advocacy with Read more


Herrin to host public hearing Tuesday with focus on quality, reliable childcare access

(Aug 13, 2021)

WEST CHESTER, Aug. 13 – Childcare and families’ access to quality, educational care are the focus of state Rep. Dianne Herrin’s House Democratic Policy Committee hearing. The hearing will be held at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 17 at the West Goshen Township Building, 1025 Paoli Pike, West Chester. The public and media are encouraged to attend. Masks are required for all attendees . Herrin, D-Chester, will be joined by Vice Chair Joe Ciresi and members of the House Democratic Policy Committee to learn more about childcare facilities, the challenges they face and how addressing staffing, program quality and funding can impact the state long-term. “High-quality early childhood education sets up a strong foundation for the success of our children,” Herrin said. “This policy hearing will address the systemic issues facing our early education system, including a lack of affordability for families, too few high-quality programs, and staffing shortages due to low wages for the educators.” Media inquiries may be submitted to . ### ATTENTION NEWS EDITORS: The hearing will be streamed live at: Read more


Policy Hearing on Childcare and Early Childhood Education

(Aug 12, 2021)

House Policy Committee hearing on childcare and early childhood education. Read more


Herrin announces $60K grant for Good Fellowship Ambulance

(Aug 09, 2021)

WEST CHESTER, Aug. 9 -- State Rep. Dianne Herrin announced $60,000 in state grant funding for Good Fellowship Ambulance to assist with purchasing new emergency care equipment. “The first responders and emergency services personnel at Good Fellowship Ambulance proudly serve the Greater West Chester Area in times of need, and they always rise to the occasion, despite a reimbursement environment that continues to challenge their operations,” Herrin said. “This grant funding will bring up-to-date, lifesaving equipment to GFA so these caring, skilled first responders have the support they need to continue providing high-level care when we need them the most.” GFA used the funding to offset the costs of a new emergency service responder vehicle and a cardiac monitor for assessing heart activity and treating patients. Herrin said that she will continue to prioritize the community’s first responders through legislative action and funding support. A photo of Herrin with GFA may be downloaded here. For more information, contact Rep. Herrin’s office at (610) 696-4990. Read more


Summer Legislative Update!

(Jul 30, 2021)

Before the House went into its summer recess, we voted on some important pieces of legislation that will have a direct impact on the people of the Greater West Chester Area. Read more


After 6 months into job, Herrin chronicles struggles, triumphs of getting laws passed

(Jul 16, 2021)

Despite the uphill battles, I am eager to work on meaningful legislation that will directly benefit the Greater West Chester Area and our commonwealth as a whole. Read more


GOP attempt to suppress votes just lipstick on a pig

(Jul 08, 2021)

Opinion in the Daily Local Read more


How I Voted

(Jun 30, 2021)

Check here for periodic updates on how I vote important bills in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Read more


How I voted: June 30, 2021

(Jun 30, 2021)

Update: 6/17 NO: HB 1184: Financial Support for Mayors Status: Passed 110-91 As the prior Mayor of West Chester, I would have voted an enthusiastic “yes” on this bill, which requires municipalities to pay up to $100/year for mayors to join a professional association and reimburse for educational/training functions. However, the bill was amended to include permission for sections of municipalities with 500+ residents to secede from their own local government. With 2,560 local governments, PA already ranks third in the nation in terms of number of municipalities. If anything, we need to promote sharing of resources and collaborative regional planning so we can solve problems that go beyond our municipal borders, such as flooding. More division will only lead to inefficiencies, duplication of services, and a greater taxpayer burden. NO: HB 406: Reinstatement of Work Search and Career Link Requirements for Those Receiving Unemployment Compensation Status: Passed 130-71 This bill proposed to reinstate Work Search and Career Link requirements for those receiving unemployment compensation (UC) on the same day the state switched over to a new UC system. An amendment to delay this start date to July so the new system could be set up to accommodate the requirements was denied by the majority Republicans. Since December, my office has served many constituents who need their Read more


Bringing Your Needs to PennDOT, Funding for First Responders, and Helping Local Seniors!

(Jun 25, 2021)

Read how I'm prioritizing with PennDOT. Read more


PennDOT Plan

(Jun 24, 2021)

PennDOT Priorities for 156th Legislative District Read more


Join me at 11 a.m. Thursday for my first Senior Fair

(Jun 17, 2021)

Send Questions to Read more


Herrin: Nearly $1.1 million in funding secured to expand housing options, empower vulnerable residents

(Jun 15, 2021)

HARRISBURG, June 15 – State Rep. Dianne Herrin announced today the approval of Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement funding for several projects in Chester County after a very competitive new round of funding applications for these housing programs. “The hardships of the last 15 months have shed a new light on the importance of decent, attainable housing and of assisting our most vulnerable neighbors,” Herrin said. “This nearly $1.1 million in new funding will provide a lifeline to individuals during a time of crisis while simultaneously empowering them to find permanent, stable housing.” The PHARE funding for Chester County will be divided among five organizations: $500,000 for the Chester County Department of Community Development, which will allow Chester County to offer a continuum of services to its most vulnerable individuals with the mission of making homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring. $100,000 for the Friends Association for Care & Protection of Children to support individuals and families facing eviction with legal representation, financial support and social services. $240,000 for the Housing Authority of Chester County to assist in finding and retaining housing, as well as expanding landlord incentive programs. $115,000 for the Targeted Homelessness Resource Coordination program, which will assist people experiencing chronic Read more


Herrin announces state funding for area first-response units

(Jun 08, 2021)

WEST CHESTER, June 8 – State Rep. Dianne Herrin announced today Fire Company and Emergency Medical Service Grant Program awards for first-response units based in the 156 th Legislative District. The awards were made available this week by the state Office of the State Fire Commissioner. “Thank you to all of the first responders who keep West Chester a safe place to live, work and visit,” said Herrin, D-West Chester. “Your professionalism and selfless service reflect proudly on our community. These grants which will help improve facilities, equipment, and training procedures will go a long way for these providers to continue to serve our community with top level fire and emergency response.” Awards were made to the following units in the 156 th Legislative District: Fame Fire Company of West Chester $14,550.440 First West Chester $15,000 Good Fellowship Ambulance $8,993.20 Goshen Fire (EMS Funding) $8,992.20 Goshen Fire Company $15,000 A complete list of awards made available across the state is available here . Read more