Fleming’s Mixed-Use Revitalization Program legislation passes House

HARRISBURG, May 10 – This week the House passed legislation sponsored by state Rep. Justin Fleming that would establish the Mixed-Use Revitalization Program to incentivize the revitalization of blighted commercial properties.

“Communities across the commonwealth are seeing a rise in large, abandoned and blighted commercial properties like the Colonial Park Mall in Lower Paxton,” said Fleming, D-Dauphin. “As they stand vacant and fall into disrepair, these looming eyesores are negatively impacting communities by cutting into tax rolls, failing to pay utility bills, deterring traffic to nearby businesses, draining local services, and often posing significant safety concerns.

"I believe we can transform these drains on our economy into thriving places to live and work, bringing new restaurants, retail shops, health care facilities, recreational spaces, and residential housing for working families.”

Property redevelopment is a financially significant undertaking with large parcels often accruing substantial demolition and site preparation costs. Fleming’s bill would help provide capital funding to developers to purchase these large properties and expedite the redevelopment process.

“My bill would establish a dedicated Mixed-Use Revitalization Fund administered through the Commonwealth Financing Authority that would provide matching grants to incentivize the purchase and revitalization of these large commercial properties,” Fleming said. “This would lead to a ripple effect of further investment, development and job creation in Pennsylvania.”

House Bill 2174 is now on its way to be considered by the Senate.