Youngblood’s resolution honoring 200th anniversary of the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf adopted by full House

HARRISBURG, July 13 – State Rep. Rosita C. Youngblood, Democratic House secretary, today applauded adoption by the PA House of a resolution she introduced that honors the 200th anniversary of the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf.

“The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf has a longstanding and honorable history of educating children across our commonwealth living with hearing impairments,” Youngblood, D-Phila, said. “The school’s distinguished success proves that all children possess the affinity to learn and thrive when they’re provided the support they need, which is why I’m proud to etch the recognition of the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in or state’s history.”

The PSD, Youngblood said, has roots in her home city. In 1820 businessman David Seixas, after becoming concerned with the welfare of deaf children he encountered on the city streets, began educating them in his home on Market Street in Philadelphia. His altruistic deeds spurred the 200-year tradition of continued excellence in deaf education.

House Resolution 792 recognizes the PSD and its bicentennial commitment to educating and empowering children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Continuing its distinct tradition of excellence, the teachers at PSD are devoted to their students and strive to prepare and encourage them to be confident in knowing that every individual has the aptitude to contribute great things to their community.