Rep. Dan Williams' Statement on Act. 77 Being Ruled Unconstitutional

Last week, the Commonwealth Court ruled that Act 77, the two-year-old legislation that permits mail-in voting in Pennsylvania, was unconstitutional.

Although the Republicans in the legislature originally supported mail-in voting, they turned on the law after former President Trump’s defeat in 2020.

Are Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers falling for Trump’s repeatedly disproven claims that the election was rife with fraud? Or are they just looking at the numbers---that the majority of the 2.5 million people who cast their votes by mail were Democrats—and have decided to cut off that avenue to voting?

Republican politicians know they can’t win a statewide election fair and square, so they are trying to find ways to make it harder for people to exercise their constitutionally given right to vote.

This bill will likely go to the Supreme Court for further review. But here’s the reality: Republican officials do NOT want you to vote, and they'll do whatever they can to stop you from doing so.

I believe every citizen should have easy and equitable access to vote. Period.