Waxman celebrates House passage of his measure to reduce cell phone bills

HARRISBURG, June 13 – State Rep. Ben Waxman, D-Phila., today celebrated the passage of his legislation that would reduce cell phone bills for families across the state.

This is about providing financial relief to individuals and families across the entire state,” Waxman said. “We all rely on cell phones for communication, work, and staying connected to loved ones. They have become an essential part of our lives, and it’s only fair that we work to alleviate the excessive tax burdens placed on Pennsylvanians.”

Waxman’s legislation would exempt cell phone service from the 6% sales and use tax, as well as the 5% gross receipts tax. This legislation follows Gov. Josh Shapiro’s state budget plan and would save Pennsylvania families an estimated $124 million per year.

According to Waxman, Pennsylvania has the seventh highest combined rate of taxes and other government fees and surcharges on cell phone bills at 16.62%. At this time, 68% of American households do not have a landline and rely solely on cell phones for voice communication.

Waxman said lower-income households and younger individuals are more likely to be wireless-only. Further, 15% of Americans use cellular data on their smartphones as their only method of accessing the internet, as these families do not have broadband internet service.

For more information, those interested can contact Waxman’s district office at 215-246-1501.