Ullman key in delivering $3.5 M for direct business help for COVID relief: State investments climb to $14.6 M in freshman's 143rd Legislative District

DOYLESTOWN, Oct. 28 – State Rep. Wendy Ullman was instrumental in delivering $3,050,741 for direct business help in the form of COVID-19 Relief Statewide Small Business Grants and nursing home, assisted living and COVID-19 Hazard Pay Grants. 

“The pandemic has forced our local businesses to face all kinds of unprecedented challenges,” Ullman, D-Bucks, said. “I’m glad I was able to help our small businesses, the backbone of our community, to receive assistance at this critical time.

“I’m working every day on getting more funding for our local businesses to help them weather the storm of COVID-19,” she said.

Since coming to office, Ullman has brought in over $14.6 million in state investments to the 143rd district. In addition to COVID small business relief, Ullman has brought back state money to enhance education, the environment, transportation, fire and EMS services, historical preservation, infrastructure, tourism and the arts.

“State cooperation and investments keep local project costs down and bring our hard-working state tax dollars back to our community,” said Ullman. “It’s easy work supporting the excellent and well-managed projects that our region has to offer.”

“As soon as Wendy Ullman joined the House it was clear that she would make a difference. The track record of funding in her district clearly shows that,” House Democratic Leader Frank Dermody said.

“She studied what assistance was available for districts like hers and then followed a strategy to obtain as much of it as she could. Especially during the pandemic this hard work has really paid off for the towns and businesses she represents. They are lucky to have Wendy Ullman fighting for them,” Dermody said.