Ullman: Pennsylvania needs the ACA

DOYLESTOWN, Sept. 29 – State Rep. Wendy Ullman, D-Bucks, joined Gov. Tom Wolf and state Sen. Steve Santarsiero, D-Bucks, to stress the necessity for affordable health care coverage for Pennsylvanians, especially in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic.

“I was proud to join Governor Wolf and Senator Santarsiero today to advocate for the Affordable Care Act, which has been a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Ullman said. “We must fight to protect the ACA and its life-saving protections for Pennsylvanians with pre-existing conditions.

“Pennsylvanians cannot afford to lose the ACA during the economic uncertainties of the pandemic economy,” Ullman said. “They need this safety net.”

During the news conference, the governor, Ullman and Santarsiero discussed the coverage and protections provided by the Affordable Care Act and outlined the importance of preserving the ACA so it can continue to protect the health and safety of Pennsylvanians.

The future of the ACA is under threat as the Supreme Court is currently scheduled to hear arguments in Trump administration-supported litigation challenging a key part of the ACA. 

Ullman said, “In the midst of the uncertainty over whether the Supreme Court will remove a key component  of the ACA, we are also faced with the grim possibility that if the current Washington administration continues for four more years, the entire protective structure of the Affordable Care Act will be dismantled.

“The ACA has offered protections to whole populations who previously hadn’t been able to get insurance due to pre-existing conditions,” Ullman explained. “COVID-19 has taught us that many people with preexisting conditions are those who are most vulnerable to complications, hospitalizations and fatal outcomes if they become infected with the virus. They are our parents, our grandparents, our friends, our children and ourselves.

 “They need the ACA.

“We cannot allow this life-supporting health insurance to be torn away from Pennsylvanians during this global pandemic,” Ullman continued. “As the state representative for this area, I will fight to ensure that my constituents retain access to the coverage they need to protect the health of their families and themselves without the threat of having this life sustaining insurance coverage being stripped away.”