Ullman: Bucks County tech schools awarded $279K in grants

DOYLESTOWN, Aug. 7 – State Rep. Wendy Ullman, D-Bucks, today announced that three Career and Technical Education Centers in Bucks County have been selected to receive grant money to ensure that classes can continue and industry credential assessments given to students enrolled in CTCs negatively impacted by COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

“I’m very glad that these schools will be able to continue to educate our young people safely thanks to this money,” Ullman said. “The success of Bucks County’s industries is dependent on our ability to train a highly skilled workforce. This grant money will enable us to keep doing that.”

The schools that received the grants and the grant awards are:

  • Upper Bucks County Technical School             $46,069
  • Bucks County Technical High School                $138,470
  • Middle Bucks Institute of Technology                $94,702

The grant money comes from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, which authorizes governors to determine the educational use of Governor's Emergency Education Relief funds.

GEER funds can be used toward the safe reopening of schools in light of COVID-19. This may include, but is not limited to, purchasing protective equipment and hand sanitizer/cleaning products; equipment or technology to take classrooms online; installation of barriers or other protective devices in building structures; or to purchase health apps to assist in contact tracing and monitoring of students.