Should elected officials choose their voters? While the answer to that question rightly receives a resounding 'NO' from everyday Pennsylvanians, it's a practice still hapening in Pennsylvania's redistricting process, right now led by the Republican Majority in Harrisburg. 

You can reclaim your voting power during this year's redistricting process by contacting the redistricting commission and letting them know your opinion against gerrymandering. Tell them to stay true to the Pennsylvania constitution and draw district lines that are compact, contiguous and keep communities together so people with the same concerns can stand together to choose their voice in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C. 

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Democratic Leader Joanna McClinton; Republican Leader Kerry Benninghoff; Senator Jay Costa; Senator Kim Ward; Mark Nordenberg.

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Do the right thing...end gerrymandering in Pennsylvania

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We, the People should select our lawmakers, not the other way around.

The Pennsylvania Constitution demands legislative districts be compact and contiguous, and that they keep communities together. For too long these guidelines have been ignored in favor of gerrymandering districts to appease special interests or to amass political power.

It must stop here, in this year's redistricting process.

I am calling upon you and your colleagues to do your duty and make sure our state legislative and federal congressional districts are drawn to keep communities together and end our shameful status as one of the most gerrymandered states in America.

Please, do the right thing – for all of us.

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