Last year’s attack on the U.S. Capitol – led by a mob that was persuaded by lies to attempt to prevent certification of the presidential election and create a dictatorship in the United States -- was a stark reminder of just how fragile our democracy is unless all of us constantly work together to protect it. PA House Democrats are pursuing a legislative package that is aimed squarely at defending and strengthening our democracy. Provisions would streamline and secure the election process while protecting voting access for every eligible voter in Pennsylvania.

You can help by encouraging the passage of this important legislation.

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All of us have a responsibility to uphold, not undermine, our democracy. Rather than erecting barriers to voting, risking the privacy of Pennsylvania voters, and suppressing the vote in certain communities, the Pennsylvania General Assembly should be pursuing ways to strengthen our elections and ensure they reflect the voice of everyone.

Legislation introduced in the PA House of Representatives would build on the bipartisan election improvements enacted in 2019 by further ensuring everyone has safe access to vote in secure elections. I encourage you to defend our democracy by supporting and passing the K. Leroy Irvis Voting Rights Protection Act and other bills to provide access to safe and secure elections for every voter in Pennsylvania.

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