The Truth About My Vote for Video Gaming Terminals

You may have recently received a mailer claiming that I voted to create 12,000 mini-casinos or “drastically reduced funding” for prescription drug coverage and property tax/rent rebates for seniors. Nothing could be further from the truth.

These mailers are from a front organization for casinos that is spending over $1 million to fight local communities, small businesses and our veterans’ organizations in an attempt to keep them from cutting into “their” monopoly of the gaming market. You can read more about who is behind this misleading campaign by clicking here.

I voted for House Bill 271 because it would legalize operator-based video gaming terminals in Pennsylvania locations with a liquor license, including bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels and fraternal organizations. This bill would replace the estimated 40,000 terminals currently operating illegally in the state with regulated machines that could generate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue to be shared by the state, local municipalities, operators and local taverns. This proposal would implement strict penalties to ensure compliance with the law and include funds for any impacts on our state lottery and for problem gambling.

I recently discussed House Bill 271 on WITF’s Smart Talk radio. You can click here to listen to the interview.

As always, please contact my office if you have questions about this or any other state-related matter. 

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