Sturla votes against long delays on municipal pension relief

HARRISBURG, June 27 – State Rep. Mike Sturla, D-Lancaster, voted Friday against H.R. 212 that would create a taskforce to study municipal pension reform citing the measure is redundant.

Sturla met with Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, chairman of Gov. Tom Wolf’s Task Force on Municipal Pensions, earlier this week to discuss the group’s progress on municipal pension reform.

“The administration has already devoted time and resources to address municipal pension issues and I believe we should give the task force the opportunity to deliver their report to the governor,” Sturla explained.

Established by Wolf in May, the task force is scheduled to deliver its report to the governor on Tuesday. 

“The Republicans rushed an ill-conceived municipal pension bill through committee and called on Democrats and the governor to act. Now that we have gathered accurate information on the issue through the efforts of the auditor general, we don’t need to waste time and effort and spend more taxpayer dollars to study the study,” Sturla said. 

“We can save time and make strides in addressing municipal pension relief.”

House Resolution 212 passed the House and is now awaiting Senate consideration. 

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