PEA programs help Philadelphia residents and business owners to reduce energy use and expense

Start saving on your electric bill!

I’d like to introduce you to two programs from the Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) aimed at supporting and facilitating the most cost-effective and environmentally sound opportunities for Philadelphia residents and business owners to reduce energy use and expense.      

Solarize Philly 

Solarize Philly is for homeowners who want to install solar on their homes and would like to take advantage of a free solar assessment and discounted pricing. The more people who sign up, the deeper the discounts for everyone. So, spread the word to your neighbors!

Once your solar is turned on, your electric bill will drop significantly. Your installer will provide a proposal that shows how much you can expect to save. The solar energy produced will flow into your home and any extra electricity will flow out onto the electricity grid. PECO will credit your bill for this excess production, through a process known as “net metering.” When your solar array is not producing - at night, for example - your house will consume electricity from the grid and your bill credits will be applied toward the cost of this grid-based power.

Click here to get started! Feel free to reach out to the Philadelphia Energy Authority at 215-686-4483 or if you have any questions.

Small Business Energy Efficiency Program

The Small Business Energy Efficiency Program is available to help small business owners improve their facilities with energy-efficient equipment in an easy, turn-key fashion. Energy efficiency improvements - including lighting, heating/cooling and refrigeration upgrades - can lower your energy expenses by 30 percent and provide additional benefits that positively impact your business.

Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. The PEA Small Business Program will manage the entire improvement process from beginning to end on the business’ behalf.

Call 1-833-208-5956 or click here to complete the form and find out if you qualify to receive financial assistance to improve your business.