House passes bill to create school-to-work pipeline

Since I was sworn into office, I pledged my commitment to establish a pipeline for young people from high school into stable, well-paying jobs in their communities, and help employers fill much-needed job vacancies that, if left unfilled, hamper productivity and profitability.

Today, I celebrate the passage of H.B. 25, which would create CareerBound, a program to strengthen the connection between Pennsylvania’s students and the next generation of high-priority careers. I commend my colleague Rep. Ryan Mackenzie for his leadership and hard work to get this legislation passed.

This strategy would unveil the potential of strong partnerships between businesses and schools, help students develop critical skills for success in the workplace and expose students to career options, including possibilities they might not have otherwise encountered.

Under CareerBound, local workforce investment boards, businesses and schools would work together to develop innovative school-to-work programs. These joint ventures would expose students to an array of career opportunities, including career expos, job shadowing, internships and other career-education integration initiatives.