Solomon cuts ribbon on renovated salon

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 14 – A local hair salon is getting a new lease on life, while, at the same time, giving hope to small entrepreneurs across Philadelphia.

On Saturday, state Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila., cut the ribbon to newly renovated Journey Hair Salon on Castor Avenue. He explained how he assisted the owner, Tomika Miles, in receiving $10,000 in grants to help make the upgrades possible.

“Tomika has a great business going,” Solomon said. “I simply provided her with resources to expand on her success in an effort to keep it growing strong.”

Solomon told Tomika about The Merchants Fund, which provides financial assistance to small businesses in Philadelphia in an effort to improve the local economy, create and maintain jobs, and expand revenue streams. She utilized the finances from TMF to buy new equipment.

“I am a strong believer that thriving business corridors are critical in revitalizing a neighborhood,” Solomon explained. “It’s my job to bring opportunities to light that members in my community may have overlooked or don’t know exist.”