Does Southwestern Pennsylvania deserve better, faster internet?

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Rural Pennsylvania is the poster child for substandard broadband internet – and I want to change that.

Right now there are potential programs that could help our area – and rural areas all over the state and nation – to expand faster, better internet service by employing unused TV spectrum frequencies.

If you’re one of the people living with the difficulties that rural families, students and businesses in Pennsylvania endure trying to cope with substandard broadband service I want to add your voice to help turn the tide in Pennsylvania’s favor and have the commonwealth included these excellent programs.

We need everyone on board to press our case that we need improved internet service as soon as possible.

Rural Pennsylvania deserves the same affordable and adequate service almost all people and businesses enjoy in the cities and suburbs. By completing this online petition, you will help the effort to bring better internet service to rural Pennsylvania. Please note that all fields in the petition must be completed.

Please add your voice – thank you.