Snyder: Supreme Court decision against unions further erodes working class

CARMICHAELS, June 27 – State Rep. Pam Snyder said today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision that allows workers to benefit from collectively-negotiated wages and benefits without having to pay the equivalent of union dues represents the latest blow in a continued assault on the middle class.

Snyder, D-Greene/Fayette/Washington, said the long-awaited Janus decision turned out as many predicted, with the court’s Republican majority holding sway in a 5-4 ruling clearly aimed at weakening collective bargaining in the public sector.

“There’s a direct correlation between the decline of unions and the decline of the middle class,” Snyder said. “We need to go back and look at our history. People need to realize what unions have done: They built the middle class, they fight for all workers’ rights.”

Snyder said the upshot of today’s decision is that workers who clearly benefit from union-negotiated wages and benefits will no longer have to pay what’s known as “fair share fees” if they choose not to formally belong to the union.

In essence, said Snyder, those workers will now be entitled to get a free ride, courtesy of their workplace brethren who pay union dues.

“Even though they’re not paying dues, they’ll still reap the benefits when they reach a contract agreement,” Snyder said. “That’s not fair, that’s not right – and getting something for nothing is certainly not the American way. This is nothing more than another blatant attack on working men and women, sanctioned by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

In an attempt to strengthen collective bargaining in Pennsylvania, Snyder said she’s already signed on as a co-sponsor of an upcoming bill that would make it easier to form a union by streamlining the election process.

The bill supported by Snyder would also require that new employees get access to certified union representatives so that the latter could explain the benefits of union membership.