Snyder: On-time state budget hikes education, safe schools funding – with no tax or fee increases

CARMICHAELS, June 22 – Noting increases of $100 million for basic education and $70 million for school safety, state Rep. Pam Snyder today said the completed 2018-19 state budget addresses many key needs without the tax or fee increases disliked by many of her constituents.

Snyder, an affirmative vote when the spending plan passed the House 188-10 earlier this week, reserved comment until several budget-related bills crucial to completing the package also received legislative approval.

“I’m happy that this year, approval of the new state spending plan occurred early, rather than at or past the June 30 deadline,” said Snyder, D-Greene/Fayette/Westmoreland. “While this budget isn’t perfect – none of them ever are – the reality is that since it provides increases in many important areas without raising taxes, I joined the majority of my colleagues in supporting the plan.”

However, Snyder said she initially remained cautious of offering her full stamp of approval, based on last year’s situation where the spending plan was approved on time, but full implementation was delayed because of wrangling over the necessary package of budget-related bills.

Snyder said the 2018-19 budget also contains an additional $30 million for vocational education programs, $20 million more for Pre-K Counts, $5 million more for Head Start and $15 million more for special education.

In addition, Snyder noted that it provides more money for home visits and support to families impacted by opioid addiction, funds three state police cadet classes and puts money into the state’s depleted Rainy Day Fund.