Snyder: Firm awarded permit to grow medical marijuana near Carmichaels

HARRISBURG, June 20 – A medical marijuana greenhouse operation near Carmichaels is one of 12 such facilities granted licenses today by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, state Rep. Pam Snyder announced.

Snyder said AGRiMED Industries LLC will grow and cultivate medical cannabis on 61 acres off Thomas Road in Cumberland Township, as part of a $25 million investment. Snyder said this is good news for those suffering from a variety of illnesses and the local economy.

“I favored allowing medical marijuana in Pennsylvania because it will alleviate the pain of those who suffer from a variety of medical conditions,” Snyder said. “Tightly regulated and secure growing and processing facilities were going to be sanctioned in the commonwealth as an inevitable result.

“I’m glad to see that one of them was chosen for placement in the 50th Legislative District, because we’re looking at 40 jobs right off the bat and 100 workers within five years, according to news reports.”

Snyder said medical marijuana cannot be distributed in any form that can be smoked, and thus is limited to pill, oil, liquid or topical ointment form.

“I’m pleased to have worked with Cumberland Township, Greene County and state officials on bringing the facility to our area,” Snyder said. “But in reality, this is an offshoot of the larger purpose of the law, which brings relief to those afflicted with 17 medical conditions that can be helped by medical marijuana.”

The use of medical marijuana to treat conditions that cause chronic pain, Snyder said, also should help alleviate the opioid crisis by providing a better alternative to highly addictive prescription drugs.

Snyder said AGRiMED also plans to open regional medical cannabis dispensaries, including one in Greene County, to link patients to the medicine.

“Legal, medical marijuana is a new venture in Pennsylvania, and all indications are that the firm intends to be a good neighbor and job creator in the region,” said Snyder, who voted last year in favor of legislation that became Act 16, which legalized medicinal marijuana in Pennsylvania. “The firm now has six months to become operational.”

Snyder said the Health Department will perform a site inspection before the location can be certified as operational and begin growing and processing medical marijuana.

Senate Bill 3 was signed into law as Act 16 on April 17, 2016, making medical marijuana available in 2018.