Reps. Pam Snyder, Mike Sturla co-chair House Democratic Policy hearing on opioid/heroin epidemic

JEFFERSON, Aug. 23 – State Rep. Pam Snyder, D-Greene/Fayette/Washington, today co-hosted a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing convened to solicit input from community leaders and treatment and crisis professionals about how to respond to the drug addiction epidemic harming communities throughout Pennsylvania. 

“I thank the committee and Chairman Sturla for the opportunity to advance the fight against the plague of heroin and opioid abuse,” said Snyder after the two-hour session at the Jefferson Volunteer Fire Hall in Greene County. “Citizens, local officials and lawmakers will benefit from having a better understanding of the complex issues surrounding addiction and how best to overcome the obstacles.”

"This epidemic is touching every corner of the state,” said House Democratic Policy Committee Chairman Mike Sturla, D-Lancaster. “I am humbled to join Representative Snyder in bringing the discussion to Greene County. We hope these hearings bring meaningful insight to tackling the heroin, opioid and prescription drug epidemic.”

Hearing testifiers and discussion participants included Ashley Potts, team leader for Southwestern PA Human Services’ Crisis Diversion Unit; Kira Sisk, director, Greene County Drug and Alcohol Program; and Peggy Fawcett, executive director, Transitional Employment Consultants.

More information about the Policy Committee and hearing materials are available online at

Snyder, one of four legislators named in 2014 to a Joint State Government Commission Task Force charged with tackling opioid abuse, noted that the General Assembly is scheduled to convene a special session next month in Harrisburg to tackle the drug crisis.

“Only with full participation of citizens, communities and law enforcement will we be able to overcome the insidious tentacles of addiction that are draining the commonwealth’s lifeblood,” Snyder said. “I thank all who participated today and all who gained a better understanding of what we all are up against.”