Snyder: $829,000 state grant awarded to replace Greene County bridge

Snyder: $829,000 state grant awarded to replace Greene County bridge

CARMICHAELS, April 16 – Approximately $829,950 in state funds has been awarded to Greene County to replace a bridge classified in poor condition since 1991, state Rep. Pam Snyder announced today.

Snyder, D-Greene/Fayette/Washington, said the funds were awarded from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s Multimodal Transportation Fund to replace Bridge No. 31 in Franklin Township. The bridge is part of Greene County’s Bridge Repair and Replacement program and is frequently traveled by school buses, heavy farming equipment and tractor trailers.

“While school buses and other vehicles can travel across the bridge presently, if the bridge continues to deteriorate, this poses serious safety concerns, especially for emergency vehicles that may exceed the posted bridge weight restrictions and need to use another route to access homes in the area, delaying help to residents,” Snyder said. “I was proud to support the Greene County Commissioners in their efforts to help residents and ensure safe, efficient traffic flow for our communities.”

In addition to the bridge’s replacement, the grant will fund the placement of an erosion control mulch blanket to avoid future erosion to the new bridge.

In granting these and other applications for funding, PennDOT considered a variety of criteria, including safety benefits, regional economic conditions, and operational sustainability.

More information about this grant is available at this link.