Snyder: Nearly $600K in grants awarded to assist volunteer fire, emergency medical service companies

HARRISBURG, Oct. 8 – Approximately $598,924 in crisis grants have been awarded to several volunteer fire and emergency services organizations in Greene, Fayette and Washington counties, state Rep. Pam Snyder announced.

Snyder, D-Greene/Fayette/Washington, said the grant program, which originated from a measure she introduced earlier this year and was included in the final bill that passed both chambers, created a one-time program to provide automatic crisis grants to the companies.

“We know that these fire and EMS companies have been hurting across our state because they haven’t been able to do their normal fundraising activities,” Snyder said. “This truly was a bipartisan, bicameral effort that has resulted in these organizations getting the valuable funding they need to continue to answer the call in our communities.”

The grant award list is as follows:

Greene County: $277,320

Bobtown Dunkard Volunteer Fire Department/Ambulance: $22,877
Carmichaels and Cumberland Township Volunteer Fire Co.: $23,425.
Center Township Volunteer Fire Co.: $22,877.
Clarksville & Community Volunteer Fire Department: $22,603.
Greensboro-Monongahela Township Volunteer Fire Co.: $23,836.
Jefferson Volunteer Fire Co.: $22,740.
Morris Township Volunteer Fire: $22,603.
Morris Township Volunteer Fire Department: $22,877.
Mt. Morris Community Volunteer Fire Co.: $23,014.
Nemacolin Volunteer Fire Co.: $22,603.
Nemacolin Fire Department (EMS): $15,048.
New Freeport Volunteer Fire Department: $22,603.
Rices Landing Volunteer Fire Department: $22,740.
Rices Landing Volunteer Fire Department (EMS): $15,048.
Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Co.: $15,578.
Waynesburg Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Co.: $25,342.

Fayette County: $251,055

Allison Volunteer Fire Department: $22,877.
Brownsville Ambulance Service (EMS): $15,048.
Brownsville Fire Company No. 1: $23,288.
Grindstone Community Volunteer Fire Co.: $22,603.
Hiller Volunteer Fire Co.: $24,794.
Hiller Volunteer Fire Co. (EMS): $15,048
Isabella Volunteer Fire Co.: $11,094.
Luzerne Township Volunteer Fire Co.: $23,151.
Masontown Volunteer Fire Department: $23,014.
Republic Volunteer Fire Co.: $23,973.
South Brownsville Fire Co. #1: $23,151.
Tower Hill 2 Volunteer Fire Department: $23,014.

Washington County: $70,549

Denbo-Vesta Six Volunteer Fire Department: $22,877.
East Bethlehem Township Volunteer Fire Co.: $23,973.
Richeyville Volunteer Fire Co.: $23,699.