Snyder announces nearly $1.4 million in state infrastructure grants

Funds earmarked for sewer, water and flooding mitigation projects

CARMICHAELS, Aug. 17 – Greene, Fayette and Washington counties have been awarded a total of $1.36 million in Commonwealth Financing Authority grants for several small water, sewer and flood control projects, state Rep. Pam Snyder announced today.

“These are worthwhile investments in our water and sewer infrastructure, vital in reducing flooding issues, extending water service, and fixing sewage backups and related issues,” Snyder said. “The funds will also make critical infrastructure repairs and ensure proper functioning and prevent more costly repairs down the road.”

Snyder said the projects funded by the CFA’s PA Small Water and Sewer Program include:

Greene County

Rices Landing Borough ($329,080) – Funds will be used to replace and repair pumps at the sewer treatment plant and install a mechanical screen significantly reducing repair costs that are passed on to the consumer.

Greensboro/Monongahela Township Joint Sewer Authority ($85,000) – The existing pumps are failing and require replacement. These funds will allow the authority to make the necessary upgrades by purchasing approximately five new submersible pumps and respond to Department of Environmental Protection compliance orders.

Lower Ten Mile Joint Sewer Authority ($129,000) Funding will be used to install a new generator at the Jefferson Pump Station and improve the emergency generators at the Clarksville Hill and Pit Gas Pump stations.

County of Greene ($218,450) This funding will allow for the extension of Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Authority’s line to customers along Jacobs Ferry Road in Cumberland Township.

Fayette County

Brownsville Municipal Authority ($200,000) – Funds will be used to replace aging sewer line along Water Street on the south side of Brownsville where residents are experiencing sewage backups.

Washington County

East Bethlehem Township: ($200,000) – These funds will allow for the installation of one trunk line in the community of Millsboro to address flooding issues.

Center-West Joint Sewer Authority ($200,000) Funding to be used to repair aging sewer lines along Vesta Street in the community of Denbo.

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