Snyder: $145,000 state grant awarded to Greene County for recycling, leaf composting efforts

CARMICHAELS, Oct. 12 – Recycling and leaf composting efforts in Greene County will get a boost from a $145,000 grant announced today by state Rep. Pam Snyder, D-Greene/Fayette/Washington.

Snyder said the funding comes in the form of a Recycling Development and Implementation Program grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

“I’m pleased to announce this latest state investment in Greene County,” Snyder said. “Recycling and composting not only saves landfill space, which helps the environment; it also has the potential to maintain and create employment for those involved in sorting recyclable materials.”

Snyder said eligible uses under the grant program include expanding recycling processing facilities, installing data collection systems on recycling vehicles, continuing or creating curbside recycling programs, developing educational materials, or operating leaf compost facilities.

Up to 90 percent of approved recycling program costs are eligible under the grant program, Snyder said, noting that nearly 200 county and municipal governments were awarded under the program.