Siegel statement on BEF Commission Report addressing school funding

ALLENTOWN, Jan. 11 – Rep. Joshua Siegel released the following statement on the just released Basic Education Funding Commission Report:

“Today Pennsylvania’s BEFC released not only a report, but, more importantly, a call to action for Pennsylvania’s legislators. It reveals a severe and chronic systemic failure to invest in our children and Pennsylvania’s future,” Siegel said.

“For seniors and those on fixed incomes, the report represents an opportunity to provide over $1 billion in critically needed property tax relief for rural and urban communities that have been forced to balance school budgets on their backs for far too long.

“For students in outdated, environmentally unsafe and toxic school buildings, this report represents historic hope that the Commonwealth will finally invest in new school buildings fit for creating future leaders, entrepreneurs and citizens.

“For advocates and allies, it represents an opportunity for the state to deliver on the promise of public education as the great equalizer for our kids by investing $5 billion in funding to close the education gap,” he said.

“A budget is a moral document and where we allocate dollars and cents reflects principles and priorities. It speaks to our society and our community, and choosing to neglect our children, failing to give them the fullest opportunity to achieve their potential would be nothing short of a moral failing.

“I look forward to working with Governor Shapiro and my colleagues to address this report and allocate the appropriate funding to ensure that we properly fund our public schools,” Siegel said.