Shusterman’s family law arbitration bill approved by Judiciary Committee

H.B. 917 receives unanimous vote

HARRISBURG, April 25 – State Rep. Melissa Shusterman, D-Chester, is proud to announce that her H.B. 917 was reported out of the House Judiciary Committee with full bipartisan support.

House Bill 917 would introduce the Uniform Family Law Arbitration Act, which would provide families with a voluntary and private process for resolving disputes with the help of an arbitrator.

“Settling family law disputes in court can be acrimonious and financially devastating proceedings,” Shusterman said. “The partner with deeper pockets and access to the best legal counsel often has an advantage, frequently placing children in the middle of long-drawn-out legal battles."

While arbitration is commonly used in commercial contexts, Shusterman said that it has recently gained popularity in family law.

“I am extremely grateful to have the full support of my colleagues on the Judiciary Committee,” Shusterman said. “I thank Representative Kate Klunk for championing this bipartisan legislation during the last House session. Families settling legal disputes have it tough enough as is. We can help take the sting out of those proceedings by providing families more options to come to the best resolution that works for them, and House Bill 917 does just that.”

The bill now heads to the full House for consideration.