Main Street pandemic recovery focus of hearing

PHOENIXVILLE, Oct. 13 – At the top of the legislative agenda for House Democrats is helping Pennsylvanians stay safe and recover from the pandemic. That means prioritizing small, community businesses like those in Phoenixville. 

“The Borough of Phoenixville provides a rich case study for how a community of business owners, non-profit organizations, and residents came together to preserve its main street through the challenges of COVID-19,” said Rep. Shusterman, D-Chester. “I am pleased to host this event and invite the public, press, and my fellow legislators to hear their stories. I believe these insights will be critical to our Commonwealth's ongoing economic recovery.”

House members participated in a hearing on the business impact of Covid prior to a tour of Phoenixville. During the formal hearing municipal leaders and small business owners spoke of operating through the pandemic, despite hardships.

During a tour of downtown Phoenixville small businesses, House members spoke with owners who worked with local government to make sure that the pandemic restrictions didn’t lead to closure. 

“We need policy that prioritizes small businesses and communities throughout Pennsylvania,” said Chair of the Democratic Policy Committee, Rep. Bizzarro, D-Erie. “The legislature has the ability to deploy funds allocated to communities like Phoenixville, and serve as liaisons for municipal leaders to work together with business so that they can thrive, no matter the circumstance. The people of Pennsylvania need action and we are ready to act in Harrisburg.”