Schlossberg, Schweyer to host Sept. 16 town hall on PA Marijuana Pardon Project

ALLENTOWN, Sept. 12 – State Reps. Mike Schlossberg and Peter Schweyer will host a town hall with Pennsylvania Board of Pardons Secretary Celeste Trusty this Friday, Sept. 16 to discuss the new Pennsylvania Marijuana Pardon Project.

The lawmakers said the event – which starts at 3 p.m. at Resurrected Life Community Church at 144 N. 9th St. – will provide residents and community members with a chance to learn about the pardon project and ask questions.

“The Pennsylvania Marijuana Pardon Project offers people convicted of extremely low-profile marijuana offenses the opportunity to move on with their lives,” said Schlossberg, D-Lehigh. “I am thrilled to work with Representative Schweyer, Mayor Tuerk and Lt. Governor Fetterman’s staff to make this event possible.” 

“Responsible recreational marijuana should be legal in Pennsylvania,” said Schweyer, D-Lehigh. “But until that day comes, we should stop punishing people for using cannabis when it is legal just on the other side of the Delaware River. I’m proud to help host this event so that many people in our region can clear their names and move on with their lives.”

“Too many people are burdened with a criminal record for something most of us don’t even think should be illegal,” Trusty said. “We are so excited to help as many people as possible get on their way to a clear record through the PA Marijuana Pardon Project. The application is free and available online – the only thing you have to lose is your record!”

“People make bad choices over the course of their lives. We believe in second chances and recognize that small mistakes can be learning opportunities,” said Matt Tuerk, Allentown mayor. “The commonwealth is giving Allentonians an opportunity for good outcomes by clearing that slate.”

Gov. Tom Wolf and Lt. Gov. John Fetterman announced the Pa. Marijuana Pardon Project on Sept. 1 for people with certain minor, non-violent marijuana criminal convictions. Pennsylvanians eligible for the opportunity to be pardoned are those with one or both of the following convictions: 

  • Possession of Marijuana (Title 35 Section 780-113 Subsection A31).   
  • Marijuana, Small Amount Personal Use (Title 35 Section 780-113 Subsection A31I). 

Individuals can apply for an accelerated pardon through this one-time project at Once a person submits their application, they will be contacted if any necessary follow-up is needed.

The Pennsylvania Board of Pardons will accept applications for the Pa. Marijuana Pardon Project through Friday, Sept. 30.  

Anyone with questions about the town hall can call Schlossberg’s office at 610-821-5577 or Schweyer’s office at 610-791-6270.