Supporting our Local Restaurants

I am supporting the following legislation in a bi-partisan effort to keep our local restaurants in business:

  • House Bill 2671 sponsored by Rep. Mary Isaacson- would increase discounts for restaurant purchases through the PA Liquor Control Board.
  • House Bill 2759 sponsored by Rep. Dermody- would provide small business insurance relief for future emergencies.
  • House Bill 2774 sponsored by Rep. Steve McCarter- would expand flexibility of off-site catering permits for restaurants.
  • House Bill 2775 sponsored by Rep. Daniel Deasy- would remove barriers to outdoor dining.
  • House Bill 2783 sponsored by Rep. Gerald Mullery- would waive license renewal fees.
  • House Bill 2789 sponsored by Rep. Gary Day and Ryan Mackenzie- would suspend sales tax for restaurants.
  • House Bill 2791 sponsored by Rep. Joe Ciresi and Tina Davis- would provide grants for restaurants.
  • Sponsored by Rep. Jake Wheatley- would eliminate fees and penalties for delayed liquor tax payments.
  • Sponsored by Rep. Steve Malagari- would provide grants for distilleries, wineries, and breweries.
  • Sponsored by Rep. Aaron Kaufer- would waive unemployment compensation fees for small businesses